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Total database: 12,435,000 Email ids.

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Russia, Croatia, Philippines, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Finland, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, South Africa, Denmark, Malaysia, Portugal, India, Vietnam, Czech, Republic, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Germany, China.)

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            E-mails 3,897                                          E-mails 60,957                                    E-mails 99,998                                   E-mails 227,985 VIP

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              (Pack 9)                                                        (Pack 10)                                            (Pack 11)                                               (Pack 12)

            E-mails 1,422.101 FB                            E-mails 1,518.394 VIP                          E-mails 1,939.112 VIP                         E-mails 4,786.661 VIP

            Price: $ 1,300                                                   Price: $ 1,400                                        Price: $ 1,750                                          Price: $ 3,500

              (Pack 13)

           GC HYIP Manager Pro

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